You may find spoilers in this article if you have not caught up to the most recent Stagtown chapter of the Flight! The Webtoon app is free to download and read, and I will never cover a chapter while it is still at a premium! With that aside, hello, friend! In this arc, Flight, the gang decides to take action against the Entity rather than run from it to survive.
As the gang tries to surveil the Entity from the small bunker where they have taken shelter, they realize their hope of continued survival will only continue to dwindle if they stay on their current trajectory. As they come to terms with this new thought, the shadowy form of the Entity once again begins to lurk around Bobby's house where they were previously housed. The cameras around Bobby's house that they are using to surveil suddenly lose their feed. The gang determines that despite their fear of the unknown,, they must tackle the threat head-on since running has only left them with less and less.
Throughout Fight, the Entity makes several appearances. First, Jeremy sees a lone deer with pitch-black eyes after checking on the car's engine. Jeremy quickly gets in the car and drives away from the deer who remains in the woods, unmoving despite the flashing of headlights and the noise of a moving vehicle. While readers can't be sure this deer was the Entity, it seems a likely guess and can be found in theories in the comments below the chapter it appears in. Frankie and Felix, remaining in the bunker to gather supplies and determine what to do with Ashley and Little Friend, notice the reappearance of the shadow on their two remaining cameras. After losing sight of it on their cameras, the shadow screeches directly into the camera, allowing the viewer to see their "face" before the two remaining video feeds are shut off. Only sure that the Entity knows where they are, the gang inside the bunker loses power and begins to panic as Jeremy, now running to the bunker through the trees, nears the area the shadow was just in. Jeremy trips and turns around to see the Entity, its mouth containing several human-looking appendages agape as it screeches once again.
This appearance spurs our gang into fiery action and prompts them to leave without many of the supplies they had planned to take with them into the underground mine and cave network. The gang wrap up the escapades of Fight by entering the Entity's lair unprepared but on the heels of a victory over the shadowy ooze that had been hunting them for days on end previously. Sharp-eyed readers were able to detect a countdown, beginning with lucky number 13, at the end of some chapters in the arc. While there are some theories on what this countdown could be for, there has yet to be a hint from author Punko or a resolution to what the numbers could indicate at the time of posting this article.
What are your theories? Do you have questions, comments, or curiosities? Reach out to me! I would love to hear them! As always, thanks so much for reading! Don't forget: it's dangerous to go alone, you should take a friend!
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