You may find spoilers in this article if you have not caught up to the most recent Stagtown chapter of the Flight! The Webtoon app is free to download and read, and I will never cover a chapter while it is still at a premium! With that aside, hello, friend! In this past arc, Flight, the gang must fight against the interpersonal struggles of their long struggle to survive the Entity with a select group of people able to evade the direct control of the Entity. From a new being entering their fold to a lack of supplies, the gang finds that several interpersonal issues arise when people are forced into dire situations. Despite developing new, unintended bonds, the gang realizes that their internal struggles are yet another divisive tool the Entity can use against them.
As Felix and Frankie go into town to restock, they are stunned to see just how susceptible the townspeople are to the influence of the Entity and exactly how far it is willing to go to get what it wants from them. In a moment of true terror, the pair discover how the Entity has affected their relationship with the town, each other, and the rest of the gang. The once simple-to-navigate Stagtown filled with small-town-hellos has morphed into a dangerous place for them, filled with possible missteps, miscalculations, and misinformation. The gang has begun to trauma bond with one another after the many traumatic experiences they have had or discovered together, which has led to new boundaries being crossed, found, and re-established. This new dynamic for the gang has led them to a fight-or-flight mentality in which they have found flight to be their only survivable answer for the time being.
During the Flight arc, the gang receives help from an unexpected but welcome source: Bobby. Bobby, the local conspiracy theorist who Jeremy counted to be among the few he could trust in the town, gives the gang access to his house due to his heightened sense of danger in the area and tells the gang to stay as long as they want but that he won't be staying with them for fear of his own safety. Though they are once again able to create a safe house for themselves, it is once again unknown how long they will be safe from both the influence and actions of the Entity. Despite their impending sense of danger, they find a much-needed reprieve from the chaos of the Entity in Bobby's house. However, this tenuous reprieve ends as a mysterious black shadow is seen in the area and a resurgence of townspeople on the move force the gang into a small bunker Bobby set aside for himself on his property. As the gang try to figure out how they are going to survive, they watch from underground through cameras set up around the area as the black shadow continues to search the area.
Theories abound in the comments at the end of the Flight arc as readers are led into the Fight arc with the horrific realization that this new location is unsafe. What are your theories? Do you have questions, comments, or curiosities? Reach out to me! I would love to hear them! As always, thanks so much for reading! Don't forget: it's dangerous to go alone, you should take a friend!
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