You may find spoilers in this article if you have not caught up to the most recent Stagtown chapter of the Record! The Webtoon app is free to download and read, and I will never cover a chapter while it is still at a premium! With that aside, hello, friend! Author Punko has introduced a great deal of history on the Entity through the experiences of the gang to the reader. Readers, with the information given in this arc, have begun to rethink their theories on the Entity.
Readers are now able to, with new evidence from these most recent chapters, deduce with certainty that the Entity deals best with threats when they are isolated and disconnected from one another and will take action to ensure those threatening it are separated whenever possible. It seems to prefer utilizing the environment surrounding threats rather than dealing with them head-on and will resort to controlling and manipulating their emotions if needed. As readers walk through Frankie's flashback in this arc, they quickly realize that the malicious nature of the Entity was, possibly, not as pervasive as they once thought. It seems the Entity was dormant for a time before interaction with the outside world in the form of Frankie herself. Many readers, after seeing this, wondered if the previous "chosen" of the Entity-- NOVA-- somehow appeased or satisfied the Entity and what exactly its seemingly dormant state means for its current motivations. This revelation also brings into question exactly how NOVA achieved this and why the Entity once again became active in the town.
Frankie's flashback in the final section of the Record arc contained many new pieces of information on the Entity, not the least of which is how the Entity has adapted to advancing technology. In her flashback, Frankie remembers that she left a tape recorder when she finds that exact recorder in the underground tunnels she is exploring. In this flashback, Punko shows the reader a glimpse of the Entity that the gang does not experience. In this glimpse, readers see Frankie retreat from the upturned underground carousel and accompanying black ooze and drop her analog recorder. After she departs from its underground chamber, the ooze takes the tape recorder. It begins to press the buttons, learning rapidly what the recorder does, from playing back the previously recorded audio to recording over what was previously on the tape. The readers are then pulled away from the underground tunnels to see a past Frankie emerge from them, only to be the first of many victims of what the Entity has now learned. Readers realize, with horror, that the Entity not only rapidly learns from its environment and the things within it, but obtains complex applications with equivalent expeditiousness. Frankie arrives back to her home and does not recognize "JoJo" (her nickname for Jeremy revealed in a flashback in the Ark storyline and can be seen on a tag in the final episode of season one), letting readers know that she not only was the first memory wipe of the entity, but that her forgotten tape recorder was how it learned to rewrite human memories.
The third, and final, major reveal about the Entity in this Record arc is hidden well in the dark background of the web comic. As readers watched the Entity interact with the voice recorder, some caught the difficult-to-read words towards the end of Frankie's flashback. These words were those of the Entity itself and impart an even greater sense of danger for the gang and imply darker origins than many readers have already theorized based on previous chapters. The Entity's speech seemed to overlap on itself, as if many voices were speaking at once and discussing what to do with the foreign object that had entered its sanctum. The implications, along with several theories in the comments section, of this private moment Punko showed the readers are vast and can only fuel the horror readers feel as the gang becomes increasingly separated with fewer places to hide out from the impending danger of the Entity.
As readers await the beginning of the next arc, Rat King, there are sure to be more theories made and alterations made to existing ones. What are your theories? Do you have questions, comments, or curiosities? Reach out to me! I would love to hear them! As always, thanks so much for reading! Don't forget: it's dangerous to go alone, you should take a friend!
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