As you can probably tell by now, I am covering a wide variety of nerdy interests on this blog! Today, I am covering a Webtoon called Stagtown. You may find spoilers in this article if you have not caught up to the most recent Stagtown chapter of the Remember arc, Remember IV! The Webtoon app is free to download and read, and I will never cover a chapter while it is still at a premium!
With that aside, hello friend! With the most recent chapter of Stagtown revealing more of the history of Stagtown to the audience, the intrigue of what has been dubbed by fans as "the Entity" has grown in tandem. While several theories have abounded on the subject of the town's past, some questions about what motivates the goings on there have been answered in this most recent update.
In Remember IV, the moment suspected by readers to be the birth of the Entity was confirmed and elaborated on. The gut-wrenching, bloody history of the town's infamous carousel was shown to have been worse than many readers could even guess. Hand in hand with the cruelty shown during the Entity's birth, the horror the Entity regularly inflicts on the town's residents is given a new perspective. The terror that led to the Entity's existence leaves it no choice but violence towards those it deems responsible. With this revelation, the question of "why," asked by so many readers, was answered with inarguable clarity through Punko's visceral history lesson throughout Remember.
With this clarity, however, many more questions have arisen. If you look through just the first few comments on the most recent episode in this arc, many readers are again theorizing and ready to see what led to the Entity's current actions and asking questions about its intentions with the most recent batch of outsiders. Questions like what significance does the mark of remembrance hold, why must the Entity draw in fresh blood from outside the forsaken town, and what does the Entity mean when it asks to be "fixed" by those it draws in are the most common thus far.
What are your theories? Do you have questions, comments, or curiosities? Reach out to me! I would love to hear them! As always, thanks so much for reading! Don't forget: it's dangerous to go alone, you should take a friend!
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